Culturally Responsive Innovation Starts Now

It’s official – RESEAU Centre for Mobilizing Innovation (RESEAU-CMI) is under way as one of Canada’s newest Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE).

RESEAU-CMI will receive $1.6 million over the next four years to broaden the reach and impact of RES’EAU-WaterNET, a national consortium of academic, public and private partners that revolutionized how complex water heath challenges can be solved for Indigenous and non-urban (I+NU) communities.

RESEAU builds on the success of Community Circle™ its proven model for creating ecosystems with cross-sector actors participating in strategic open innovation in Indigenous and Non-Urban settings (I+NU)

RESEAU is primarily funded by Government of Canada Networks of Centres of Excellence, and growing participation and investment of like-minded friends from public and private organizations, academia, and communities

RESEAU Centre for MobilizingInnovation Objectives:

Developing a culturally responsive evaluation framework for assessing innovative technologies, services, regulations and policies that enhances understanding of barriers and solutions

Bringing various forms of content and digital learning together to produce user-focused knowledge products and solutions that influence developing and achieving outcomes of greater significance than might be achieved independently

Propagating the first-ever CanadianFramework for Ethical Water Health Innovation based on synthesized stakeholder knowledge and experience to guide I+NU water health improvement projects and processes

Engaging 15 regional I+NU “anchor”community groups through Community Circle™ model achieving:  geographical shifts in activities; diffusing innovation through social systems; systems thinking;  digitalization of connecting the innovation actors; open innovation. Emphasis on differentiated roles occupied by actors, and greater importance of community forces relative to government or industry push

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