Exceptional Successes: Skill or Luck?

Exceptional Successes: Skill or Luck?

Should we attribute successes to skill or to luck? We are hard-wired to think that the most successful must have done something right to deserve all the attention and rewards. Chengwei’s research provides systematic evidence that luck plays a critical role in exceptional successes, not only in business but also in music, movies, science, and professional sports. A key finding is that more can be gained by paying more attention to the “second best”. In this talk, Chengwei will share the secrets of how to quantify luck and how to "get lucky"in a contrarian way.

ChengweiLiu (Ph.D., Cambridge)

Trained as an economist in Taiwan, Chengwei Liu(Ph.D., Cambridge) is Associate Professor of Strategy and Behavioral Science and Faculty Lead of the Global Online MBA Program at ESMT Berlin. He held research and teaching positions at Cambridge, Oxford, MIT, Wharton, NYU,INSEAD, National University of Singapore, Peking University, Warwick and won more than 20 research and teaching awards. Thinkers50 name Chengwei a leading management thinker and Poets&Quants name Chengwei a Top 40 under 40 MBAProfessor.

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