New Report Assesses Progress in Drinking Water Protection in BC

The RESEAU team contributed to the latest in-depth report assessing British Columbia's progress in fulfilling goals set out by the BC Action Plan for Safe Drinking Water in British Columbia (the Action Plan)

Clean, Safe, and Reliable Drinking Water: An Update on Drinking Water Protection in BC and the Action Plan for Safe Drinking Water in British Columbia covers fiscal years 2012-13 through 2106-17 and serves as a transitional report on the Action Plan. It introduces new indicators and a reporting structure for drinking water in BC that is consistent with a multi-barrier approach to drinking water protection.

While all indicators suggest most British Columbians enjoy clean, safe, reliable drinking water, the report offers 32 recommendations to continue to advance drinking water quality across the province.

Importantly in the context of our work, the report includes an assessment of First Nations and other Indigenous communities' unique needs vis a vis the Action Plan.

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