RESEAU Digital Circle™ - Operators' Walkthrough Lab - RESEAU OWL™

Video: an example of RESEAU OWL (The actual AR app works on ios or android smartphones)

The RESEAU Operators' Walkthrough Lab (OWL™) an augmented reality application as part of our broader RESEAU Digital Circle™ transformation strategic plan.  

The RESEAU OWL™ added values include:

* Reducing the risk of building the wrong thing. OWL engages the operators and the communities into an iterative design process at its onset, implementing their insights seeing alternative fabrication options

* Accessibility and convenience of training. OWL Brings the operators virtually into the plant for training.

* Remote troubleshooting, preventative condition monitoring, and continuous support - superimposing live data on the AR allowing operators and engineers to remotely monitor, troubleshoot, and make necessary. adjustments to the plant operation (this feature is not included in the beta version)

* Mutual-Aid, giving the operators the confidence to undertake the challenge when the operator community caring for one another.

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