The Path to Sustainability: Creating Experimental Evidence

RESEAU Centre for Mobilizing Innovation is an agent for strategic innovation, channeling knowledge and resources from public- and private-sector partnerships into open-minded collaborations focused on advancing water health in Indigenous and non-urban (I+NU) communities. Together, we put I+NU communities at the centre of the innovation process, so they define the pathway to success on their own terms. Collectively, we ensure that solutions are affordable, effective and sustainable for each community we serve.  

Through these rich partnerships, RESEAU is able to advance "University of British Columbia’s goal" to adopt and deliver upon the United Nations’ (U.N.) 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs; specifically, (#6 Clean Water and Sanitation, #11 Sustainable Cities and Communities, and #17 Partnerships for the Goals).

We recognize transformational and sustainable change does not arise simply from a decree by government, i.e., backed by policy changes and/or positive or negative incentives. Nor does it come about via knowledge generated by academia alone, or through a push by industry to refine product offerings. The underlying question we seek to answer is, what incentive system needs to be enacted for universities and the private sector to make appropriate investments and play a key role in the evolutionary path I+NU communities seek to follow? How can governments at all levels create a fertile and supportive environment for transformational change?

RESEAU believes that sustainability is an experienced good; the communities we serve cannot see the value of ideas unless they experience them. We therefore fuse cross-sectoral and cross-organizational teams to develop experimental evidence that paves the way for the acceptability of innovative solutions, solving complex problems with approaches that are engineered for continual improvement, sustainability, and community satisfaction.

The U.N.’s SDGs represent a global call to action for all nations to unite efforts to end poverty, improve health and education, reduce inequality and foster economic growth in an environmentally supportive way. RESEAU can accelerate your institution or university’s SDG priorities – find out how you can partner with us. Click here for more information or contact us at [].

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